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The concept of glue
Public date:2017/8/15   Hits:1242
What is glue?
Glue is able to bond two objects of the material. Glue does not exist independently, it must be painted between the two objects in order to play a bonding effect.
2. Viscosity of glue (cps):
The viscosity of the glue is measured with a Brookfield viscometer in units of "cps centipoise". The viscosity of the glue is usually between 300 and 30000 cps. In water-soluble binders, the solids content does not determine the viscosity of the gel, but rather the plasticizer, tackifier, etc. in the formulation of the glue, which affects the viscosity of the glue. Under normal circumstances the ambient temperature is higher "viscosity ↓", "temperature ↓ viscosity ↑". The viscosity of water at 27 ° C is "1".
3. Glue flow (rheology):
Use low and high rotation force to measure the viscosity value and then take the ratio. General glue flow of 1.5 to 3 is better. The viscosity of the glue has a lot to do with its rheology. On the glue "stirring ↑ thin ↓". Especially water-soluble glue, the more stirring the more dilute. 0 ~ 1.5 turbidity phenomenon; 1.5 ~ 3 good coating (rheological also the best); greater than 3 too thin; the same time,
4. Minimum film forming temperature (MFT):
At a certain temperature, the moisture in the binder after all the volatile, from the liquid into a solid state of the critical state of its film forming temperature.
5. Film forming speed:
From the glue to the effective bonding time in the two substrates to form the film. It is affected by the following factors;
☆ water within the adhesive distribution time (time short film fast)
☆ high substrate porosity (pore ratio of effective combination of fast time).
☆ adhesive coating amount (large amount of binding time is slow).
☆ adhesive formulations, solid, and so will affect the film rate.
6. Glue health period:
After the glue is formed in the two substrates, the binding force is formed over time. During this time, the minimum binding force forming time is the most important. After the formation of the minimum binding force, we can do other work, it will not affect the performance of the glue end supplies. With the increase of time, after a period of time the formation of the binding force of the glue is the most complete, the binding force is smooth, which is the highest binding force. From the lowest binding force to the highest binding time is the glue of the health period. The minimum binding force of the glue is 24 hours. Health period 1-7 days. The use of the ambient temperature, different bonding materials will affect the health of the glue period
7. Glue waterproof rating:
Glue waterproof rating is divided into four, the floor of the waterproof water level should be more than 3.
Level 1: general waterproof;
Level 2: weak indoor water;
3: strong indoor waterproof;
4: outdoor waterproof. FDA standard: refers to the "international close to the human body pollution-free" standard.
8. The solvent resistance of the glue:
The acetone was tested with "acetone" (the main ingredient in the paint). After the paint, paint the solvent on the film swelling rate. The greater the quality of the glue is worse. Poor quality of glue in the "acetone" the existence of high temperature environment, about half an hour glue film will slowly dark, the film cohesion decreased.
9. Does the color of the film have no effect on the adhesive force of the glue?
Glue the film is transparent or milky white, which is very normal it will not affect the adhesive force of glue (black, milky white swell on the adhesion of glue). Under normal circumstances, in the addition of water blocking filler after the glue, the transparency of the film is poor, but it will not affect the effectiveness of glue.
10. Water-soluble glue bonding principle:
The chemical composition of the glue in the water environment. The polymer in the glue (vinyl acetate in the gel is a kind of oil derivatives) are round particles, the general particle radius is between 0.5 ~ 5μm. The bonding of objects is achieved by the tension between the macromolecules in the glue. In the glue, the water is the medium of the polymer carrier, the water carrying the polymer slowly immersed in the organization of the object. When the moisture in the glue disappears, the polymer in the glue to rely on the tension between each other, the two objects tightly together. In the use of glue, the amount of glue will make too much glue in the polymer body crowded together; between the polymer body can not produce a good pull. Macromolecules are crowded with each other, and thus can not form the strongest attraction between each other. At the same time, the water between the polymer is not easy to volatilize. This is why in the bonding process, "the thicker the film, the glue on the poor the effectiveness of the reasons."
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