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What is the difference between glass adhesive and universal adhesive?
What is the difference between glass adhesive and universal adhesive? Do you have such a problem? Glass adhesives and all-purpose adhesives are two similar adhesives,...[Product detail]
There are a few key points you must know about adhesives
There are a few key points you must know about adhesives? Users who need adhesives will experience these problems. Adhesives are extremely frequent glues used in a...[Product detail]
Adhesive application in some new industries
Adhesives as a new type of material, then what applications does it have in these new industries? 1. Anti-corrosion of mechanical equipment At present, the steam pi...[Product detail]
Theoretical basis of bonding
In general, the bonding process is surface treatment, gluing, laminating, curing, post-treatment, etc. It is a complex physical and chemical process. 1. Mechanical t...[Product detail]
The use of decoration adhesives
The decoration master often uses an adhesive during the decoration process. The main purpose is to use it on bonded articles, but we also need to pay attention to the...[Product detail]
What are the advantages of industrial adhesives?
Advantages of Industrial Adhesives? What are the advantages of industrial adhesives? Do you know what? Let's take a look at the industrial adhesive bonding advantages...[Product detail]
Adhesive selection considerations
1. Storage period a. Each product has a shelf life. According to international standards and domestic standards, the storage period refers to the normal temperature ...[Product detail]
Adhesive composition
1. Bonding substance. The bonding substance, also called the binder, is an essential component in the adhesive and acts as a binder. Its properties determine the pro...[Product detail]
What is water-based glue, what is oily glue, you know?
The water-based glue is obtained by emulsifying acrylic or polyurethane resin through a special emulsification device using water as a solvent. Its biggest advantage ...[Product detail]
Analysis of Adhesive Industry Competitive Pattern
Adhesives are widely used in various fields of the national economy due to the advantages that they can achieve the connection of the same kind or dissimilar material...[Product detail]
Adhesive industry challenges
Adhesives have made rapid progress in the past decade and have entered a new period of rapid development. However, it will also face some challenges while developing....[Product detail]
Environmentally friendly adhesives have gradually become the mainstream of synthetic adhesives
As China's environmental protection laws become more and more comprehensive and people's awareness of their own health increases, environmentally-friendly adhesives w...[Product detail]
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