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What is water-based universal glue
Public date:2017/8/15   Hits:1255
Water-based glue
Many friends may be the first time to hear such a word, omnipotent glue in many friends seem to be solvent-based, solvent universal glue appears a long time, the concept to a certain extent has been deep-rooted. But the society is in progress, people's requirements for the material is also getting higher and higher, due to the wide range of applications of adhesives, and now many applications will take into account the priority is whether green issues, such as interior decoration, everyone Want to live and work in an environmentally friendly environment, so the decoration of the material required to achieve the best environmental standards. We imagine, who would be willing to decorate a period of time or to stimulate the smell of rich house to live. So, now the decoration industry or some other industries need to meet the country's environmental standards.
What is water-based omnipotent glue now on the market are all solvent-based universal glue, strictly speaking, is not environmentally friendly products, but some of the harmful substances are relatively low, the human body and the environment does not constitute a big threat, but still There is a part of the solvent-based glue in the excessive content of harmful substances, the use of such products on the human body is a great harm, so the choice of glue, especially for indoor or some related to human health, must use environmental protection glue.
So what is the environmental glue? The state has made it clear that environmental indicators should meet the national standards, and must meet the environmental labeling standards. Therefore, the state strictly limits the glue manufacturers a high degree of solvent content of the universal glue production.
Choose high-quality environmentally friendly water-based universal adhesive is certainly higher than the price of ordinary Wan Nengjiao, but the proportion of the cost of renovation is very low, generally accounted for less than 0.5%. It is very worthwhile to worry about the need to avoid health.
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