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The difference between white latex and glue
Public date:2017/8/15   Hits:1320
White latex is a kind of glue.
White latex is one of the most widely used, the largest and oldest water-soluble environmentally friendly glue, is a vinyl acetate monomer in the initiator under the action of polymerization and made a thermoplastic adhesive. Can be cured at room temperature, curing faster, higher bonding strength, the adhesive layer has good toughness and durability and is not easy to aging. White latex and adhesive manufacturers are mostly gathered in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
1, the porous materials such as wood, paper, cotton, leather, ceramics, etc. have a strong cohesive force, and the initial viscosity is high.
2, can room temperature curing, and curing speed.
3, film transparent, non-polluting sticky material, and easy processing.
4, with water as a dispersion medium, do not burn, do not contain toxic gases, do not pollute the environment, safe and pollution-free.
5, for the one-component viscous liquid, the use of more convenient.
6, after curing the film has a certain toughness, alkali resistance, dilute acid, and oil resistance is also very good.
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