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What are the advantages of industrial adhesives?
Public date:2018-11-15   Hits:1288
Advantages of Industrial Adhesives? What are the advantages of industrial adhesives? Do you know what? Let's take a look at the industrial adhesive bonding advantages introduced by Huitian New Materials!
Industrial adhesive bonding can solve the problem of durability of the product for engineers, without worrying about degradation and affecting mechanical fixing. When applied to bonding materials of various materials, the industrial adhesive first coats the surface, fills the gap, and starts the polymerization. After curing, industrial adhesives produce a degree of durability through chemical reactions and can be bonded to a variety of materials. Industrial adhesives are bonded and sealed with good adhesion to different materials. These materials can vary in construction, modulus, coefficient of thermal expansion, and thickness. The use of industrial adhesives produces a continuous bond interface that, in addition to bonding, can also be sealed. The joints thus prevent leakage and reduce aging, and are not affected by harsh working conditions such as chemicals or extreme temperatures.
Resist the harsh working environment To make the joints resistant to the working environment, the adhesive must be chosen to deal with any special situation. The properties of the polymer are specifically tailored to certain needs, such as the reaction to oxidants or solvents.
Industrial adhesives also create an electronically insulating layer between the two surfaces to reduce the corrosion caused by bonding different metals.
Moreover, adhesive structures rarely cause physical failure due to stress cracks and fatigue. The traditional fixing method is replaced by modern bonding technology, and the pneumatic application with no trace and beautiful appearance is realized. The use is endless. Design innovations Industrial adhesive bonded products are durable and widely used in plastics, metals, glass, rubber and composites. Innovated and improved by designers, it can now be used in a variety of industries, including aviation, automotive, wind, sports, construction, railway and general assembly operations.
Bonding with industrial adhesives can present a perfect product. Designers, whether they are researching new materials, testing new uses of existing materials, or exploring new technologies and production methods, they can rest assured that the products are safe and reliable, never Destroy the perfect design of its products. The use of our products also benefits designers, in addition to ensuring the beauty of the product, including: increased stiffness, less eclipse, reduced stress concentration, better sound absorption, electrical insulation or electrical conductivity, performance characteristics, performance characteristics are Designers and engineers need to consider the problem, choose the right adhesive to solve the following problems: tension, compression
Shear, cracking, peeling stress, industrial adhesives have a variety of toughened epoxy adhesives and toughened methyl methacrylate adhesives, specifically to deal with the problem of poor shock absorption or poor control. Reducing fatigue cracks, bonding lines help to reduce the formation of cracks, so things bonded with industrial adhesives are naturally safer, reducing fatigue cracks by reducing stress concentrations.
This is particularly the case in the transportation market for roads, railways and aviation. Secondly, sports, leisure markets such as carbon fiber racing and golf clubs also have this concern. Toughened epoxy and acrylic toughened epoxy or toughened acrylic can come in handy because of their strong adhesion to these widely used metals, thermoset composites and thermoplastics. The use of junction energy diffusion facilitates the diffusion of energy at the bond point and maintains the required stiffness, even when used with mixed materials and auxiliaries. In addition, industrial adhesives are good at reducing vibration and sound insulation.
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