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The use of decoration adhesives
Public date:2018-11-15   Hits:1109
The decoration master often uses an adhesive during the decoration process. The main purpose is to use it on bonded articles, but we also need to pay attention to the use of adhesives. Some bad adhesives are toxic. Let's take a look at the use of the renovation of the adhesives in the new materials, I hope to help everyone!
Adhesives are substances that connect the surfaces of objects together and have an irreplaceable role in decoration. But the adhesive is also one of the sources of pollution pollution in home decoration. Many adhesives contain trace amounts of formaldehyde and benzene and other toxic substances. Inferior adhesives contain more toxic substances. Therefore, it is recommended that the owners can not ignore the adhesive during the decoration, and choose it with the decoration team. Understand the knowledge of some commonly used adhesives for decoration, and help to grasp the environmental health of home improvement.
First, the home improvement of glass glue to buy and use
To say what glue is commonly used in home improvement, it must be glass glue. The use of glass glue runs through the entire renovation process and is used during the installation phase. Other glues are generally selected by the construction team, and glass glue generally needs to be purchased by the owner. Therefore, it is easier for the owner to grasp the quality, so it is necessary to know the purchase and use knowledge.
1, glass glue classification needs to know
Glass glue is a commonly used adhesive in households. It is a material that bonds and seals various glass and other substrates. The main components are sodium silicate and acetic acid and organic silicone. There are many varieties of glass glue on the market, and it is difficult for consumers to distinguish clearly. So let's first take a look at glass glue and classification.
Glass glue can be divided into two components, one-component and two-component. The one-component glass glue is changed by the contact with moisture in the air, while the two-component glue is required. Mixing can be cured, and one-component glass glue is common in home decoration. In addition, according to the nature of glass glue can be divided into acid glue and neutral glue two, acid glue has strong adhesion, corrosion is also strong, so the commonly used in home improvement is less corrosive, general adhesion Neutral glass glue.
2, glass glue purchase needs to know
Glass adhesive mainly plays the role of bonding and sealing in the decoration. If the inferior glass glue is used, its service life is not long, and it contains more toxic substances. It is prone to cracking and mold after a period of time. Waiting for the situation. Therefore, the owner should be careful to buy inferior products when purchasing glass adhesives. The first is not to buy products with very low prices, try to choose brand glass adhesive products.
In addition, when purchasing, you need to see whether there is any name, factory name, specification, origin, color, and date of manufacture on the packaging of glass adhesive products; whether there is certificate of conformity, quality guarantee, product inspection report; see the use and usage of the plastic bottle. Note whether the content is clear and complete; to see if the net content is accurate, the manufacturer must indicate the specification model and net content on the bottle.
3, glass adhesive use needs to know
Most glass adhesives are marked with a suitable bond material on the package, and some will also indicate the bond strength of the different materials. Consumers can read the instructions carefully when purchasing glass adhesives. When using glass glue, there are some things to be aware of, otherwise it will affect the service life of the glass adhesive.
Glass bonding is also a method step. When applying the adhesive, first remove the moisture, grease, dust and other contaminants on the surface of the joint to make it fully clean and dry. Then cut the hose nozzle, install the needle tube, and cut it according to the size of the joint at a 45° angle. Next, install a caulking gun and hold the rubber at a 45° angle along the gap to ensure that the compound is in intimate contact with the surface of the substrate. When the seam width is greater than 15 mm, it is necessary to apply the glue repeatedly.
Second, home improvement woodworking glue classification and purchase
Nowadays, the woodworking in the home decoration uses plate splicing instead of wood blocks, and the connection between the plates often requires a large amount of adhesive. It is recommended that owners who have more woodworking in their homes should understand the adhesives they use before construction to prevent the use of inferior adhesives, otherwise it will cause serious household pollution. Let's take a look at the commonly used adhesives in the woodworking process.
White latex
1. Introduction of white latex
One kind of glue commonly used in woodworking is white milk adhesive, which is a milky white thick liquid made of acetic acid and ethylene to synthesize vinyl acetate and then emulsion polymerization. The white emulsion adhesive can be cured at room temperature, has fast curing, and has high bonding strength. The bonding layer has good toughness and durability and is not easy to age. The white emulsion adhesive is mainly suitable for the bonding of the wooden keel base frame and the wooden base board and the finished wooden surface board. In addition, white emulsion adhesive is also suitable for wall wallpaper and wall surface paste and increase the adhesive strength.
2, white latex purchase
Since white milk adhesives are petroleum derivatives, the cost fluctuates with oil prices. In order to reduce costs, counterfeiters often incorporate starch and other substances into the real thing, and there are many such fake white milk adhesive products on the market. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner must purchase a well-known brand of products when purchasing, and check the credentials when purchasing. In addition, when purchasing white latex, pay attention to check its quality, you can smell it to see if it has a pungent taste; at the same time, see if the gel is uniform, no delamination, no precipitation; whether the film after solidification is transparent.
3, the use of white latex needs to know
When using white latex adhesive, it should be noted that the temperature should not be lower than 7 degrees Celsius and higher than 95 degrees Celsius; depending on the application, the white latex can be diluted with water, but it needs to be heated to over 30 degrees Celsius and slowly with water above 30 degrees Celsius. Stir well before use, not diluted with cold water below 10 degrees Celsius; white latex is generally safe, but can not be swallowed or splashed into the eyes. If you accidentally touch the entrance or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Floor glue
When paving parquet, cork, and composite flooring, the direct adhesive bonding method can be used to directly bond the floor to the concrete floor. The adhesive used at this time is called floor glue. It is very convenient and quick to use floor adhesive. However, compared with the keel laying method and the suspension laying method, the pollution is relatively large due to the use of glue. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a floor that is not glued when buying the floor, and try to avoid sticking.
The floor adhesive is mainly suitable for wooden floor boards. The solidification time is short, and it solidifies after 1-3 hours. The bonding strength is high and the service life is long. When purchasing, pay attention to check the environmental protection of the product and avoid the selection of inferior products. When using the floor adhesive, the floor is required to be very dry, clean and flat.
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