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There are a few key points you must know about adhesives
Public date:2019-2-19   Hits:898

There are a few key points you must know about adhesives? Users who need adhesives will experience these problems. Adhesives are extremely frequent glues used in a variety of applications. If you want to use adhesives, you must learn the knowledge.

First, the storage period:
1. Each adhesive product has a storage period. According to international standards and domestic standards, the storage period refers to the shelf life of the product at room temperature (24 ° C), of which the acrylate adhesive is 20 ° C.
2. For acrylate adhesive products, if the temperature is higher, the storage period is shorter; for water-based products, if the temperature is below 1 °C below zero, the quality of the product is directly affected.
Second, the intensity:
1, there is no universal adhesive in the world, different adherends, it is best to use the relative special adhesive.
2. For items with low strength of the adherend itself, it is not necessary to use high-strength products. Otherwise, it will be used in small quantities to increase costs.
3, can not only pay attention to the level of initial strength, but should also consider the quality of durability.
4, high temperature curing adhesive performance is much higher than room temperature curing, such as high strength, good durability, it is best to use high temperature curing adhesive.
5. For a-cyanoacrylate glue (502 super glue), in addition to emergency or small-area repair and continuous production, it is not suitable for materials requiring high bonding strength.
Third, other knowledge about adhesives:
1. White latex and urea-formaldehyde glue cannot be used to bond metals.
2. Adhesives requiring transparency, polyurethane glue, optical epoxy glue, saturated polyester glue and polyvinyl acetal glue are available.
3. The adhesive should not be corrosive to the adherend. Such as: polystyrene foam board, solvent type neoprene adhesive can not be used.
4. Adhesives with high brittleness should not be bonded to soft materials.
The above answers to several points you must know about adhesives, Huitian New Materials will be introduced here. Huitian New Materials believes that for adhesives, it is not easy to use. Before using adhesives, you need to have a better understanding of the knowledge.

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