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 Xiamen Heyue Century New Material Co., Ltd.

Add:No. 2886 Plant City Chi Ping Road Tongan Industrial Zone Xiamen

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About us
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Xiamen Heyue Century New Material Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Xiamen Heyue Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.) was established in 2009. It is a manufacturer dedicated to the professional development and production of diaper closure system materials. The company’s products include: non-woven front waist stickers (big crescent, small crescent, wave, S pattern, one-character pattern, big dot, water cube, non-woven laminating, non-woven laminating, etc. Front waist sticker), PP front waist sticker, mesh velcro, suede velcro, super soft suede velcro, pull-up pants color picture sticker, Y-shaped (flat cut) velcro, striped Y-shaped (flat cut ) Velcro, S-cut Velcro, PP left and right stickers, non-woven left and right stickers, quarter strip S-cut, discarded stickers, three-in-one left and right stickers, S-cut online composite materials (coated non-woven fabric, no coating, no A professional manufacturer of woven fabrics, magic hooks), elastic fabrics, and sanitary napkins.

With the personalized development of diaper products, the company's closure system products are developing towards the trend of softness, comfort, quietness and reduction of hidden damage, breaking the monopoly advantage of foreign brands and multinational companies in the original diaper closure industry. In terms of technology and product practicability, functionality, appearance and touch, we are continuously improving in cooperation with well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, and our products are sold all over the world.

The company has 1.6 meters, 2.4 meters of non-woven fabric equipment, multiple printing equipment (automatic high-speed gravure printing machine & satellite flexographic printing), silicon coating, environmental protection compound, embossing, slitting packaging, laminating and other advanced technology Production and testing equipment, a full set of left and right stickers, magic hook production equipment, and a standardized industrial plant and clean room production workshop in the sanitary industry, fully implement the ISO9001: 2015 version of the quality management system and refined production management, for better Improving R&D Capability Write long-term technical cooperation agreements with well-known enterprises, set up R&D centers, research and develop own core technologies and intellectual property rights, and obtain a number of patents, which is a solid step to promote the company’s industrial upgrading.

As a forerunner in the market, relying on basic materials and technical resources, with a keen market sense, complete industry chain advantages, and a complete quality management system, we have successively provided various supporting products and solutions for domestic and international well-known brand strategic partners.

We promote the enterprise spirit of "integrity, courtesy, professionalism, innovation, customer first, people-oriented, focus on sharing", and provide customers with high-quality, stable, high-quality products and professional technical support!

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Add:No. 2886 Plant City Chi Ping Road Tongan Industrial Zone  Xiamen Tel:0592-5658237  Fax:0592-5636152   E-mail:sales@xmheyue.com ICP:闽ICP备17007885号-1